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Meet your staunch advocates, skilled negotiators and transaction coordinators during this difficult time.

Christopher Ferzoco

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If you are tasked with settling a loved ones' estate from Ocean City to Cape May, The Ferzoco Group is your go-to team to market and sell any and all real estate.

As  seasoned networkers, superb marketers and skilled negotiators, The Ferzoco Group will sell the estate home or investment property for the highest price the market will bear, with the least complications for you and your family.
As your advocates, they will put your family’s needs first and assist in every phase of the transaction, from clean out to closing, and negotiate to get the terms you want and need.
The skilled professionals at The Ferzoco Group is also sensitive to the friction that may unfortunately occur between multiple beneficiaries and always attempts to foster an environment of cooperation and facilitate communication between stakeholders.


Sadly, many estate homes are in poor condition because the late homeowner was ill or could not maintain it properly. The Ferzoco Group has reliable contractors on standby that can make the property presentable to retail buyers.
If the estate home requires substantial repairs or upgrades to sell, you may be able to sell to an investor client that can purchase the home in “as is” condition and bring immediate liquidity to the estate.
Whatever the unique circumstances, you can get peace of mind leaving the details to a local, compassionate team that puts your family need's first.